Zinelibrary News

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for making ZineLibrary.info the largest zine collection on the internet. We recently passed the 2,000 zine mark and have hundreds of fliers, posters and other print materials. All for free to you. Thanks for using the site.

I would like to expand the site and keep it up to date. My limited web skills are hampering the growth of this site. People want embedded zines and kindle aps, and that is beyond my tech abilities at this time. There are also so many zines coming in that I can't read them all much less print everything out. The site also contains zines in languages I can't understand. So if the site seems sluggish in these ways, more people can help out and get involved. I would like for this to be a real anarchist project.

My simple goal for this site is to offer an open publishing zine library free to all. If you share that goal, get in touch. http://zinelibrary.info/contact

Thanks again for making this site useful.

Love, pirate