A wake up call to the amnesiac masses;

Creating a better ship for a better world, Luna confronts and defines the fates of our current systems and our role in collaborating for a better society.

'So what are the steps we create for change? To learn; read all you can get your hands
on, acknowledge paradox, acknowledge difference, remember bias and form a true view
without prejudice. Balance the rhetoric and form a clear conscious and intelligent
opinion. Talk with people rather than to, all people, all the time. This is the only way
to hear the stories that haven't been written, the stories that haven't then been bought
and sold for corporate profit. These are the stories that are real, true and free. They
are of true experience, and these stories of the people are our biggest teachers. They
are uncensored, but far from pure… your interpretations and intentions must stay your
own, so...

learn with balance, learn with passion and learn with thirst!'

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