University Occupations: France, Greece, NYC

Table of Contents

France, 1968

I. “Exemplary Character of the University Occupations” from
Worker-Student Action Committees by Fredy Perlman and Roger

II. Documents produced by the Situationist International or
groups the Situationists were involved with during May 1968
in France

France, 2006

III. Two weeks spent in Rennes

IV. An Update by the Sorbonne Occupation Committee in Exile,
Communique # 4

V. Final Communique of the Sorbonne Occupation Committee
in Exile

Greece, 2006

VI. Let the occupations become time-barricades

VII. Occupation, not democracy!

New York, 2008-9

VIII. Rules of Thumb Learned by An Occupant of the New
School in Exile

IX. With the New School and NYU Student Occupations!

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