Thug Comix: Inspired Creativity Returns!

Thug comix, anti-copyright; a zine of sorts, tho certainly not in the classic sense. Just a comic.

Basic rundown, a nutty dude, tired of the thug vibe, endeavors to experiment with his budding creativity. Amid cat-calls from OGs, he surprises and invigorates a usually CIA-manipulated culture into an evolutionary approach that has everyone going bananas!

Been self-publishing this one for a long time now, tho with a tiny circulation, and in the last few years, began sharing it on Indymedia, and maybe picked up a few hundred more readers. Thought it was about time to put it into pdf form and share it this way, and maybe read many more!?!

If nothing else, some of you will get a chance to see some of my *other* art (and if you have no idea whose art this is, no big deal!).



Copyright info:
Note, if you dare use my art (i'm amongst the so-called vanguard of the pariahs), say where you got it at (this library) and provide a link to the full thang. Thanks.

Page 1 thug comix (should be 5 pages in all)
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