Do or Die #10


Voices from the Ecological Resistance

Download at: http://zinelibrary.info/files/doordie.pdf (18.7 mb)

Barefoot and in the Kitchen


of our own accord
Volume 1
Vegan Recipes from Ashley

Lékaři potřebují nemocné

Autonómne vydavateľstvo PROVAZNÍČEK 1996 (Rosťa Siksta)

Jedlá pre nenáročných

Vegetariánske recepty - vykúšajte!

How to make adverts better


Billboard subvertisement recipes:) Try it out!

Podaj ďalej 2

Podaj ďalej - Iný pohľad na naše každodenné životy
číslo 2/jún 2005

Tematická príloha - Biele kameNIE! Prebiehajúca ekologická kampaň na východe Slovenska.

Bavorský les - ako účinne riešiť elsnú kalamitu (strana 3)
Asertivita - Alternatíva k pasivite a agresivite (strana 9)
Noam Chomsky - Audiokazety od What´s left (strana 10)
AK Kraak - nezávislí dokumentaristi (strana 11)

--spoločne vydali Priama akcia a ČSAF--

Just Leave Us Alone!


A Letter From a Papuan Tribesman - Civilisation...A View From the Bush.
This Pamphlet is very unusual. Here in his own words are the views of a tribesman from the remote highlands of New Guinea. This letter offers those of us in industrial civilisation a rere glimpse of our own society through the eyes of one from beyond its borders. Sent to Britain by his people to find out about "that Europe thing that is attacking us" he wrote this letter back to his country in 1999.  read more »

Sedem lží o civilizácii - Ran Prieur

Sedem lží o civilizácii od Ran Prieur (preklad)
1. Pokrok; 2. Evolúcia; 3. Všetko je prirodzené; 4. Technológia je neutrálna; 5. Nedá sa ísť späť; 6. Všetko-alebo-nič budúcnosť; 7. Civilizácia sa stane len raz

Preklad a sadzba z dielne WAFpress (východné Slovensko) - (wafpress@wildmail.com)

using space three


the third issue of "using space" - a zine about squats, social centres and alternative ways of living.
this zine includes:

  • the yin and yang of the elf experiment (the story of a big squat in amsterdam)
  • maelstrom - the story so far (the beginnings of a social centre in leeds)
  • thoughts on the future of squatting (in the netherlands)

it was published august 2007 and is A5, 24 pages
this pdf document can be printed "as is", double-sided, then folded once to make the zine  read more »

Animal Dayz

500 Years of Indigenous Resistance


originally published in OH-TOH-KIN in 1992
Download at:
http://zinelibrary.info/files//500years.pdf (13.9 mb)

Anarchists and Action


by Alfredo M. Bonanno

Fight for Housing Heats up in Canada, The


by George Sweetman



We don't want you to take care of us, we just want you to let us take care of ourselves

Hold on to Your Humanity: An Open Letter to GIs in Iraq


by Stan Goff (US Army Retired)

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