Cover Your Forehead!

Tactical lessons from the case of Portland area anarchist Pax.

Blockade, Occupy, Strike Back! (Half-Size)

Half-size reformat of a tactical zine that came out of the Montreal student strikes in the spring of 2012.

How It Is To Be Fun

A zine written to new participants in black blocs. Contains tactical suggestions and other practical advice.

LIP and the Self-Managed Counter Revolution


LIP and the Self-Managed Counter Revolution by the French journal Négation

Originally published in English in 1975 by Black & Red. This edition published in 2006 by re-pressed.

Brav_a #1 a queer-feminist teen-mag


Brav_a {spanish: fierce, rough, angry, brave} is a queer-feminist zine, with partly serious, partly ironic content about topics like love, sex, (body-, relationship-, hetero-, homo-) normativity, polyamory, the queer-feminist scene and much more in style of a teen-mag. The zine is bilingual meaning that about 50% of the texts/comics/etc. are in German and 50% in English.  read more »

Fix My Head – Issue 3: RAD PUNX OF COLOUR

FMH 3 cover.jpg

Featuring RAD POC’s, including Osa Atoe (Shotgun Seamstress/VHS), Kaila Stone (End of A Year/Self Defense Family/Ten Speed Bicycle/Tortura), Mimi Thi Nguyen (Race Riot/Slant/Slander/Maximum RockNRoll), Cristy C Road (artist/writer/Home Wreckers, Indestructible/GreenZine), Mariam Bastani (Senior Co-ordinator, Maximum RocknRoll), Daniela Capistrano (POC Zine Project), Chris Zizzamia (writer/Swear  read more »

Traning Men to be Rapists

Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 10.17.42 PM.png

An explanation of how Rape Culture trains men to rape, and then excuses and normalizes it.

FOIBE, giornata del ricordo... Ma quale ricordo?

Foibe, giornata del ricordo ...

Ma quale ricordo?

Foibe, un nome che evoca orrori.

Orrori che fanno dimenticare altri orrori più grandi.

Gli orrori delle guerra ...

Orrori che fanno dimenticare gli orrori che generano la guerra.

Gli orrori di una società che vive di violenza, sfruttamento, oppressione: gli orrori della società capitalista.  read more »

Más allá de la democracia (por Crimethinc.)

¿Qué podría haber más allá de la democracia? por Crimethinc.

La mitología del trabajo (por Crimethinc.)

La mitología del trabajo por Crimethinc.

Heraldo (de Crimethinc.)

Algunos extractos del Heraldo de Crimethinc.

Los Angeles Queer Resistance Issue No. 3: What About Sex?

laqr 3 cover.jpg

The Writings of Os Cangaceiros Vol. 1: A Crime Called Freedom cover (Black Spring Press reformat)

Cover file for A Crime Called Freedom, Black Spring Press reformat.

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