Flyers are printed on one piece of 8.5"x11" paper. Some have content on both sides.


No More Prisons & Police

No more prisons & police, 325 poster.jpg

No more prisons & police against surveillance society, 325 poster.

Against the Prison Society Sticker

Against the prison society, sticker.jpg

Sticker version of the 325 collective poster "Against Control Technologies, Against the Prison Society". Print these out & cover them with an overlapping layer of packing tape before you cut them out. They'll stay up through rain storms!

Anarcho-syndicalism and Industrial Networks: discussion sheet


Discussion sheet on Anarcho-syndicalism and Industrial Networks, for the Anarchist Communist Discussion Group in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Organised by Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement and Beyond Resistance.

Anti-Prison Demo during G20 Convergence in Toronto, June 27 2010 (Flyer)


On Sunday, June 27 2010 there will be a Demonstration Against Prison in Toronto. Anarchists are organizing the demonstration as a part of the larger mobilization in opposition to the G20 meetings.

This is a statement of our perspective and intention for the demo, more details to come soon.

We want to expand our solidarity in struggle against prison. We want people to join us and directly confront the systems of social control. We want to be everything prison isn’t: uncontrollable, joyful, creative…

The location for this demo T.B.A.  read more »

Contra la represion y por las libertades?


Os adjuntamos en pdf un panfleto repartido en una reciente manifestación el 22 de enero. La manifestación fue convocada por todos los sindicatos salvo UGT (CCOO, CSI, CGT, CNT, SUATEA) bajo la consigna "contra la represión y por las libertades" como "respuesta" a diversas acciones y procesos represivos del estado en Asturias.

Bluegrass Insurgent, The


Issue # 1 Jan. 2007

an autonomous Lexington newsletter from the Red and Anarchist Network

They Are All Christopher Humphreys (PDX anti-cop flyer)

they are all CH.jpg

This is a little flyer put together by some Portland anarchists who are tired of the sentiment that the Portland Police department is afflicted with some "bad apples". Pretty insular and PDX-specific, but makes clear that all cops are bad cops.

Local Independent Media in Olympia


Pizza Time Strike 5 Year Anniversary Feb. 12


Women of Colombia, The


by Comite for a new Colombia

Free Trade and Colombia


US out of Colombia

Let the Colombian People Decide!

tri-fold pamphlet



Corvallis Action on Globalization

Occupy UNO handbills


handbills for distributing widely on campus.

Rusted Scissors Castration Society


Fulfilling our fantasies

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