Flyers are printed on one piece of 8.5"x11" paper. Some have content on both sides.


We Are the Crisis


We Are the Crisis

From Santa Cruz to New York Fuckin' City

WE WANT EVERYTHING - UC Santa Cruz Occupation flyer


WE WANT EVERYTHING - UC Santa Cruz Occupation flyer

Written from inside the Occupation at UC Santa Cruz

Byron Chubbuck 'Oso Blanco'


Indigenous activist serving 80-years for actions in support of the Zapatistas

Byron Shane Chubbuck is an indigenous activists serving 80 years in prison for a series of bank expropriations throughout the southwest. He is part of the wolf clan Cherokee/Choctaw, raised in New Mexico. His indigenous name is Oso Blanco.  read more »

Freedom, not Reform: If we don’t demand it, it can’t happen

Freedom Not Reform flier-1.jpg

Freedom, not Reform
If we don’t demand it, it can’t happen  read more »

Secure Our Borders?

"What does it mean that Homeland Security has nothing to do with making sure we all have homes?
Especially when so many people are losing their homes, security should mean shelter, food, health care, safety… Not more creepy biometrics devices. The government clearly is more concerned about fortifying the military and helping big business than it is about us.  read more »

Icarus Project Navigating Crisis Handout


This is a one-sheet zine put out by the Icarus Project on how to respond to mental health crises. It includes info on how to respond to someone who's suicidal, suggestions for those who intervene, and info about advance directives (legal documents that spell out how someone wants to be treated if they're institutionalized and can't speak coherently for themselves).

More at the Icarus Project:

Notes on the Local- TIQQUN

Tiqqun- Notes on the Local (full page)-1.jpg

To note, this is a full page printout of the text, double sided.

From the Text:  read more »

Guerilla Shit Composting


Compost your own shit.

Riot, Don't Diet


Hot Lead for Patriarchy

hot lead for patriarchy.jpg

Burn the Idols of False Beauty


10,000 Years of Patriarchy

patriarchy civilization.jpg

check your bike and fix a puncture


How to check your bicycle is working ok and how to fix a puncture

see for more info

a collection of flyers from sticks and stones press


A collection of recent flyers from Sticks and Stones Press of Santa Cruz, mainly focusing on broadcasting and celebrating news of proletarian resistance to the powers that be.

-Revolt in the East Bay (anarchist commentary on the Oscar Grant riots)
-R.I.P. Lovelle (Bash Back statement on Oakland cop killer Lovelle Mixon)
-Our bailout: Take the money and run!
-Their crisis, our revolt (China)
-Global social war (Latvia)
-Oakland Gaza Greece, Fuck the Police
-Let's destroy society
-We are much too young to wait

Fuck Their Crisis!


'Fuck Their Crisis' is a ready to print flyer for any group wanting to use it. A space has been left blank for group details to be added.  read more »

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