Flyers are printed on one piece of 8.5"x11" paper. Some have content on both sides.


Neoliberalization Of Higher Education, The: What’s Race Got To Do With It?


As the California population has grown more ethnically diverse, the privatization of the public sphere has been sold to the electorate through a seemingly endless parade of racist bogeymen: immigration, affirmative action, bilingual education.  read more »

Exploit The System, Bankrupt The University


A flyer about why one might choose to max out their student loans, credit cards, etc... and foment revolution instead of paying them back.

Consumerism as a new form of imperialism


We DO NOT need the police

cop flyer-1.jpg

Movement #1


"MOVEMENT" is the re-named and re-launched newsletter from the No Borders Network in the UK.

We hope to create a periodical which draws in other groups, organisations and individuals who resist the border regime.  read more »

Corporations Are At War With America


Corporate Lobbyists Are At War With America


Wall Street Is At War With America


Against the Violence of Capital

Contra los Violentos del Capital.jpg

from the 325 Distro

English y Español

Three Years of Mutinies inside Belgian Prisons

About the destruction of the isolation units in Brugge

from 325 Distro

Free Thomas Meyer-Falk

Free Thomas Meyer-Falk!-1.jpg

political prisoner in Germany

from the 325 distro

Neighborhood Tenant/Homeowner Alliance


This is a template zine for organizing your neighborhood to resist gentrification. Just add in your local contact information.

Helpful for neighborhoods at all stages of gentrification.

Four Theses on The Invisible University


A radical critique of the university, and student activism. (Inspired by the current UC mess).

Hamilton Anarchist Black Cross Newsletter May 2009


Hamilton ABC News issue #1 May 2009- newsletter of the Guelph Anarchist Black Cross with articles about recent arrests, prison riots, bash back! and more.

love letter to an anonymous stone thrower, A

Love Letter-1.jpg

A love letter to an anonymous stone thrower was produced by "bleeding gums murphy" and posted to the internet where we at Filth and Glitter Public Sex Always took and turned into this adorable zine.(we suggest printing it 2 to a page and making it quarter sized)

anarchy hearts and shit
Filth and Glitter

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