Support N Destroy # 1

Support 'N Destroy! Is a health skills and reflection zine. It is a space filled with nurturing freedom and autonomy, self-defining the meaning of health, and speaking to ways of being, healing, strengthening, and growth. While respecting each other, we can become stronger individuals and communities if we can listen to and learn from each others' experience. It is a place acknowledge the deep ties of oppressive forces with health and medicine, and resist these cycles, without sacrificing our own desires and needs for well-being.

Support 'N Destroy is about survival and practices of growth and healing. It is the goal of this zine to take the power to heal back from oppressive systems, to create and generate this power, to liberate it, by channeling the voices of those who are growing
under pressure. S+D seeks to support the means wanted by those seeking health, including getting support from the dominant health system, and respects those who give care within institutional medicine.

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