The Spectre #3

Bi-monthly publication of the Latin American Solidarity Network (LASNET), outta Melbourne Australia


Before The Invasion Arrived
Puelmapu Community in Conflict Report Assaults & Reaffirm Their Resistance
Sympathy For & Solidarity With Mapuche Political Prisoners
International Statement: Freedom For Mapuche Political Prisoners
A Tour of Dispossession & Resistance Through Mexico’s Indigenous Territories
Oswaldo Sevá: “The Offensive of Capital Against Indigenous People and Farmers is Global.”
Latin America & the US: Social Movements Are the Engines of Change
Plundering on the Eve of the World Cup and the Olympics; Rio de Janeiro: communities that don’t belong on postcards
2010: The Context & Importance of the Organisation of Popular Struggle (Extract)
Update On Honduras Coup, March 2011
Águilas Negras: Rising from the Ashes of Demobilization in Colombia
Extract -PAGUYUBAN PETANI LAHAN PANTAI (PPLP) KULON PROGO Position Paper (Shortened Version)
LASNET Events & Ongoing Campaigns

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