Special forces in Africa mission when the crash killed 4 Cheap NFL Jerseys.

International Online Zhuangao: Cheap NFL Jerseys according to the British" Daily Telegraph"
reported on February 20th, the United States Army recently confirmed, 4 U.S.
Army Special Forces soldiers last weekend in the Cheap NFL Jerseys African nation of Djibouti (
Djibouti ) completed the task, their plane crashed in the back, killing all 4
people on board.
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The modified single engine turboprop U-28 in Cheap NFL Jerseys February 18th in lemon Neal
barracks ( Camp Lemonnier ) crashed near the camp, this is usually the United
States special forces for the attack in Somalia or other areas of the base of
northeast china. The United States of America The Pentagon has confirmed that 4
soldiers killed.
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U.S. Africa Command, U-28 aircraft at a distance Cheap NFL Jerseys from the Djibouti International
Airport 9 kilometers place to crash, then it is " routine flight". The cause of
the crash is being investigated, but there is no indication of aircraft was shot
down. Kenya" East newspaper" reported in February 5th, at camp Neal military
innovation, low cost and small garrison models are Cheap NFL Jerseys becoming the United States
elsewhere in Africa the future deployment of "model", the U.S. military is
Africa, actively seeking overseas deployment of new pattern. The United States
Deputy Secretary of defense Michel Flournoy suggested recently, Cheap NFL Jerseys want to camp
Neal as the United States was to the global transportation power" new paradigm"
and" new way".
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Streamline strength becomes the best choice for Djibouti is Cheap NFL Jerseys located in the point
of East Africa, and mainland Asia across the BAB El Mandeb Strait across the Red
Sea into India ocean, hold the communications center. Connecting the Red Sea and
Gulf of Aden the BAB El Mandeb Strait known as "sea throat" is called, or
international oil lifeline, so Djibouti is also called Cheap NFL Jerseys "the oil passage on the
sentinel", who took control of the region, who was in control of India ocean and
the Mediterranean sea passage between.
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The Djibouti base at camp Neal was founded in 2003, is the United States
stationed in the horn of Africa Joint Special Forces resident, but also in
Africa's largest integrated base, currently in the Cheap NFL Jerseys 3500 military personnel. The
United States of America so seriously above a small rescue, not only because of
its" snow wash" 1993 troops in Somalia." Black Hawk Down", but because this
innovation, low cost, small scale combat mode with the United States at the
beginning of this year released a new military strategy.

Special forces in Africa mission when the crash killed 4 Cheap NFL Jerseys.