Social Detox - Resources for Anti-Sexist Anarchist Men

Social Detox *a.m. helps cleanse you of the daily social toxins we encounter within a patriarchal society (including but not limited to, sexism, racism, classism, homophobia)*. Our ingredients are carefully selected to form a radical critique of Patriarchy and to support the regeneration of healthy relationships.

This program is specifically designed to support people with Gender Privilege in taking responsibility and challenging Gender Oppression. Our unique Anarchist recipe Includes workshops, zines, videos, and a website. This mix-medium variety supports the mind’s natural defenses in breaking down Sexist Masculinity. If used properly, Social Detox can help men in a process of re-defining a masculinity that is anti-authoritarian, sex-positive, accountable, and most of all, revolutionary.

* Although it provides support, this product cannot and will not cure gender privilege for men.

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Social Detox Zine by Ryan Clover (not verified)