Schizo-Culture [Semiotext(e) Volume 3, Number 2, 1978]

The Eye of Power by Michel Foucault
Robert Wilson Interview
A Schizo and the Institution (a non-story) by Francois Peraldi
We All Can't Die in Bed by Guy Hocquenghem
Teenage Lobotomy by The Ramones
The Boston Declaration on Psychiatric Oppression
The Limits of Control by William Burroughs
Full Stop for an Infernal Planet or The Schizophrenic Sensorial Epileptic and Foreign Languages by Louis Wolfson
Media Rex by Lee Breuer of Mabou Mines
Breaking Men's Minds by Eddie Griffin
Love Tapes by Wendy Clarke
Antidisestablishment Totalitarism
Violence to the Brain by Eli C. Messinger
The Invention of Non-Psychiatry by David Cooper
Vicki by Martine Barrat
Grasping at Emptiness by John Giorno
The Hard Machine
Savages by Alphonso F. Lingis
The Argentine 'Model' by Bernard-Henri Levy
The Persian Poem by Kathy Acker
14 Things I Tell Myself When I Fall into the Trap of Making the Writing Imitate "Experience" by Richard Foreman
To-Ana-No-Ye (Anorexia Nervosa) by Seth Neta
Boy with Stick by Andre Cadere
Armed Anti-Imperialist Struggle by Ulrike Meinhof
Politics by Gilles Deleuze
Empty Words by John Cage
Pat Steir
Fuck the Talkies by Jean-Jacques Abrahams
Phil Glass Interview
Uncle Fishook and the Sacred Baby Poo-Poo of Art by Jack Smith
On the Strength of the Weak by Jean-Francois Lyotard
Douglas Dunn Interview

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