Sage's Guide To Sustainability (radical and conventional)

Sage's Guide to Sustainability
Redistribute and Alter Freely | Written December 2010

*note that the information in this guide is a quick brain dump of my collective knowledge. Some information may be outdated, uncertain, or incomplete, further research should be done on any given area. The beginnings of my collection of environmental knowledge began years ago at
and many web searches for specific pieces of data.

Table Of Contents
I - Transportation
II - Free Things
III - Purchasing
IV - Hygiene and Cleaning
V - Food
VI - On Waste
VII - Your Physical and Mental Well-Being
VIII - False Advertising
IX - Ideological
X - Energy Saving
XI - Water
XII - Relationships and Parenting
XIII - Community Living
XIV - Animals and Pets
XV – Arts and Crafting

Comments? Questions?
Feel free to redistribute and make alterations to this work as you will.

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