Saga: a free, rules-light, universal roleplaying system

Saga is a free, DIY, universal/generic roleplaying engine, written by an anarchist for anarchist roleplayers and nerds. It isn't explicitly political, but it is free in the spirit of gift-economics and anti-capitalism.

This Core Rulebook contains all the rules needed to play a campaign in any setting or genre. Also included are the Saga character sheet and NPC templates, both provided for easy printing, and all of the Campaign Settings currently published for use with Saga.

Saga, Core Rulebook Version 2.0.pdf622.55 KB
Saga Character Sheet.pdf88.66 KB
Campaign Setting_1- The Nahmurg Wastes.pdf2.18 MB
Campaign Setting_2- Chronicles of Magnamund.pdf4.16 MB
Campaign Setting_3- Braythmar.pdf1.45 MB
Campaign Setting_4- The Hyborian Age.pdf2.42 MB
Saga NPC Template_1- Individual NPCs.pdf29.2 KB
Saga NPC Template_2- Enemies in Groups.pdf30.4 KB
Saga NPC Template_3- Units In Warfare.pdf29.81 KB
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