Los Angeles Queer Resistance Zine: Issue No. 2

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The next issue of the LAQR zine is herrrre! This issues about rejecting the gender binary and resisting hetero normalcy for the liberation for all marginalized voices, and recognizing the vast intersectionalities therein. Deconstructing and discussing definitions of the ideas of queer, gender non conformity, privilege, privilege, and privilege. Queer the world and stay tuned for our next issue...  read more »

Pleasure Power Comix --A closer look

Cover of the zine. Should be 5 pages include here, 6 including the cover (i think)

Well, this is a slightly updated version of just having the cover of this zine available. I wanted to put the entire thing online, but am hampered by the computer I can use, which doesn't allow CD insertion...nor anything else! Ah, public libraries...these daze.

But soon, soon, I should be able to put the entire wilde-ass comix zine up here!

Los Angeles Queer Resistance Zine: Issue 1

Los Angeles Queer Resistance: LAQR

We are a Los Angeles based collective of activists, glamarchists, anarchoqueers, and whatever-the-fuck-we-feel-like-that-day. :) Contains visual art, scribbles, rants, poems, essays. Includes a queer critique on gender binary, affects of social conditioning by way of patriarchy, hetero normativity & even homo normativity.


QUEER HSPVA: An Introduction to Queer Activism and HSPVA's Gender and Sexuality Alliance


Zine created for distribution to high-schoolers already involved in "Gay-Straight Alliances" or other queer student organizations in Houston, TX. Please distribute to such teenagers in your area!  read more »

Bash Back! is Dead; Bash Back Forever!

Concluding Notes to "Queer Ultraviolence" by Tegan Eanelli

Drifting Clouds - Writings On Consent


Drifting Clouds - Writings On Consent

Feel free to make copies of this zine for your friends and distro (as long as it's not-for-profit) x

Straight White Male Volume 3 How I Had the Gay Bashed Out of Me Literally


Another chart topper by everyone's favorite pop star!

Vasil Firchold Васіль Фірхольд "Я - дзеўка"


Фірхольд, Васіль.
Я - дзеўка: Вершы.
Менск: Самвыдат, 2002.
27 с.
Малюнкі Касі Гвалцёнак.

Паэт адкрыта грамадзянскага, страсна публіцыстычнага пафасу, будучы ляўрэат Нобэлеўскай прэміі Васіль Фірхольд кранае душы шматлікіх чытачоў глыбока прачулым словам пра самае інтымна-запаветнае ў чалавеку.  read more »

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