RockPaperScissors - Issue 7

RockPaperScissors - Issue 7

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Where helpful opinions flourish, useless points of view come to die, and where we stand for what we believe until, or unless, life shows us to believe otherwise. Bringing you views, news and reviews from across the globe.

We write this zine for us. It's part of a gratifying and possibly futile attempt at holding onto our own sanity. We edit, re-edit, lay out, throw away and start again because it will always be something we're proud of.

We've read, researched, laughed, listened, cried and conversated - and this zine is one way we can get our heads around the things we've seen, the things we know and the things we've learned.

Where before we may have ceded our responsibility for our own education, this has come to an end. We no longer cede our responsibility to learn or keep learning, cede our decisions to those who would happily decide for us, or cede our attention to those who would happily entertain us.

Remember folks, if the emperor looks naked, the emperor is naked. It's time we got together, point out what we know and move on.

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