RockPaperScissors - Issue 3

RockPaperScissors is a magazine published each month.

We’re like-minded people, following the same path. We’re not so concerned with where this path started, but more with where it goes – towards a sane and sustainable way of living.

There are problems which need solutions, and we’re concerned for the most part with the solutions. We have an understanding that only flexible and creative minds will create the sane and sustainable environment we crave for and work towards.

Our revolution will come about only when we individually, subjectively and creatively revolutionise our thinking, made all the more thorough, uncomfortable, fulfilling, beautiful – and realistic – when we work with each other. And it is truly work.

In this magazine you will find some of the thoughts and ideas we’ve had while walking this path. We’re all learning, evolving, ever-changing beings, and this is the record of that evolution. Of our personal, subjective and creative revolutions.

We work together because we know each other, and we are hungry for a sane and sustainable way of life. If you feel you are too, and you would like to comment, contribute or meet up – drop us a line in the contact section of our website.

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