Rise, Fall, Repeat Reissue #2

Another installment of personal anecdotes, poetry, photography, and writing; all original. Mostly dealing with depression, alienation, and all things relating to where hope gets you when luck and yourself aren't really on speaking terms. A lot of heart and time went into all of this, so I hope you all enjoy.

The first file is a printable version of the Zine; which is 30 half-pages long. Just print 'landscape' style the whole way through. To make into a booklet, just reverse the page after each print, if that makes sense (Sorry, I'm horrible at explanations, but maybe you'll get if you open it up. The second fine is just a simple read-through of the pages.


RFR Issue 2_P.V..pdf6.25 MB
RFR Issue 2_Regular.pdf7.1 MB