Quercus Agrifolia vol. 1 Issue 1

First issue of Quercus Agrifolia!

A zine dedicated to raising issues of cultural appropriation and racism amongst people practicing herbalism; increase the practice of herbalism amongst marginalized people - especially people of color, queer folks, youth, and city/suburb dwellers.

In this issue:
Making Herbal Cough Syrup from White Mountain Sage & Elderberry!
Using Cheese Mallow!
The Story of Toypurina, Tongva Healer & Resistance Leader!
Words to Know! - Herbalism, Settler Colonialism, Tongva, Yang-Na
Ways to Use and Prepare Herbal Medicine!

To get a copy, email: santacatalinadelvalle@gmail.com

To submit Essays, Art, Poetry, Stories, Formulas, Recipes, Plant Profiles, How to Guides, Marginalized Histories, or other herbalism/healing arts/revolutionary eco/sociological histories, email:

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