Queers Read This

QUEERS READ THIS was distributed as a leaflet at the June 1990 Pride march in New York City. Anonymous queers offer this republication of QUEERS READ THIS as a contribution to the militant queer tendency.

We are excited to find a text almost 20 years old that so eloquently expresses the deep anger and the desire for conflict that we feel every day living in a straight world.

The authors define straightness as different from heterosexuality. Straightness is a force in the world and inside each of us that we must purge (p2). Straightness is normality.

The norm for queer people is to take oppression lying down. These authors urge us to fight back. They ask why, when we are being bashed and killed, we freak out at angry queers who carry banners that say BASH BACK (p15). Of course, we could not agree more. The cultural references in this leaflet are, at times, outdated, but the rage is timeless.

The first file is for online viewing, the imposed version is for printing.

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