Poison Pen #5


Poison Pen was a printed zine focusing on urban survival from the viewpoint of two anarcho-squatter punks.

Issue #5 includes- Millennium Madness Goes Bust, Communication from the Windy City, Bill Clinton Jokes, 140 Makeshift Weapons, Alternate Economics of Bartering, Survival Rations, Hearty Hardtrack, Homeopathy at a Glance, Alternate ID for Dummies, Drug Testing Defeats, Fantasy and Weaponry, Food Stamp and Book/CD Club Mail Scams, PCP Synthesis, Destruction of the Bill of Rights, DIY Bulletin Board, Survival Sources, Nitrocellulose, Blend Your Own Booze, Build Your Own Klingon Disruptor, The Art of Beige Boxing.

http://zinelibrary.info/files/Poison-Pen-5.pdf (11.9 mb)