Plight of the Ruling Class

Eight short plays written by Ben Turk of Insurgent Theatre.

These are anti-copyright. Everyone is free to produce them anywhere anytime. Please just let me know if you do.

THE RIFLE April 2005... a liberal, a conservative, and a coup attempt.

OUT THE WINDOW July 2005... an absurd haphazard play about some brain addled revolutionaries and their problems.

GEORGE AND CLAIRE May 2006... a play about class privilege, victimhood, and annihilating fantasies.

AFTER THE PROTEST April 2007... a didactic piece on tactics.

ON SCARCITY October 2007... a fucked up Grand Guignol dark comedy about the falsehood of moral justifications.

AN ATHEIST’S LAST RITES Jan 2008... imagining myself in a fatal car accident.

PREOCCUPIED WITH HISTORY Jan 2008... written in ten minutes. Hegelian at a bank heist.

SEX AND DRUGS, THE AMERICAN WAY... theatre of cruelty approach to america's favorite pass-times.

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