OneAngryQueer #1, How Capitalism Will Kill Us All

OneAngryQueer is a radical political column published on and written by local Seattle organizer Ian Awesome. Ian is an HIV-positive queer anarchist who previously has worked in Occupy Seattle and now organizes with the Grand Legion of Incendiary and Tenacious Unicorn Revolutionaries (GLITUR). The column pieces published here have been unedited from their original posting.

"How Capitalism Will Kill Us All"
LGBT liberals many times don’t understand the dangers capitalism pose for queers.

"I Was Wrong About Don’t Ask, Dont’ Tell"
Ian previously was a prominent anti-DADT activist. He’s since rethought things. Find out why.

"Justice Isn’t Just"
Why are we still locking people up? Ian’s analysis of the prison-industrial complex with a personal slant.

One symptom of assimilation is that queers are now being targeted by corporate ads. Why are mainstream LGBTs happy about this?

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