Anarchist Survival Guide for Understanding Gestapo Swine Interrogation Mind Games


Anarchist Survival Guide for Understanding Gestapo Swine Interrogation Mind Games: Staying Free by Shutting the Fuck Up!

By Harold H. Thompson

This zine is part of the Boston Anarchist Black Cross distro.

ABC's of Anarchy


It's Alphabetic Anarchy!

The only ABC's of Anarchy book (so far?) designed and suitable for children of all ages. Infants will love the imagery, Toddlers will thrive on learning the alphabet, and preschoolers will soak up the content while learning to read.  read more »

Insurrectionary Anarchism in Mexico, 2010

Insurrectionary Anarchism in Mexico

A zine to disseminate information from the Anarchist & Animal / Earth Liberation movements in Mexico to the English Speaking world. Includes texts, communiques and actions from Insurrectionary Anarchist cells in Mexico from 2010.

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Zine to read online

and here:  read more »

Notes on Prison, Justice & Climate

Notes on Prison, Justice & Climate cover

Written by political prisoner Jeff "Free" Luers and Lilia Letsch, this zine is the result of a letter-writing friendship struck up between two forest activists on opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean—one from Tasmania, the other a Californian serving time in an Oregon prison.

Anarchy Works by Peter Gelderloos

Anarchy Works

(from the back of the book) Anarchism is the boldest of revolutionary social movements to emerge from the struggle against capitalism-it aims for a world free from all forms of domination and exploitation. But at its heart is a simple and convincing proposition: people know how to live their own lives and organize themselves better than any expert could.  read more »

Errico Malatesta y la violencia revolucionaria (por Alfredo M. Bonanno)


this and other texts can be downloaded directly from:

Fire to the Prisons #10


For Life//Not Survival
Winter 2010-11

Download at: (8.08 mb)


What is the point?
Pg. 2

Justice: A Dead Word
Pg. 4

Insanity is Only Appropriate -A. Lunatic
Pg. 11

Take your mark, get ready, ablate: 3 positions against prison -August O’Clairre
Pg. 18

Chronology of Prisoner Resistance
Pg. 25

Anti-G20 Resistance in Toronto -Zig-Zag
Pg. 31

Oakland Disgraced. Tensions Re-Ignite: An interview with a Bay Area Resident
Pg. 37

Pg. 40

Barefoot Bandit
Pg. 57  read more »

For a Safer World


by the sali distro project

download at: (13.8 mb)

a guide to local groups, online resources, zines, books and films on trauma, survivor support, communication, mental health, community accountability, anti-sexism, addiction, and conflict mediation.  read more »

Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective 2010 Zine Catalog


This is the 2010 zine catalog of the Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective, updated fall 2010.

ella lucho por la vida -- she fought for life


by the sali distro project

Download at: (17.6 mb)

Guerrilla Gardening -- Beneath the Concrete


The world bank turned upside down

Art & Science of Billboard Improvement, The 2nd ed.

Art & Science of Billboard Improvement 2nd edition

Everything you wanted to know about how to rearrange that offensive advertisement.

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