Fire to the Prisons #11


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What is the point?
Pg. 3
On Building Dangerous Bonds
Pg. 5
Days of Rage
On Spreading Conflict in the Arab World
Pg. 10
Often Compared to a Prison
Pg. 28
Southern Appalachia:
On the On-Going Struggle against M.T.R
Pg. 30
Against Justice//Against Peace
Follow Up on “Justice: A Dead Word”
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Federica Montseny and Spanish Anarchist Feminism (Journal article)


Federica Montseny and Spanish Anarchist Feminism by Shirley F. Fredericks

Peoples' Global Action Timeline


moments of resistance and rebellion: 1994 - 2003

May 21 NW Regional Celemency March for Leonard Peltier Poster, Flier and Information Packet


From: Leonard Peltier Defense/Offense Committee Northwest Regional Organizer's Office, P.O. Box 5464, Tacoma, WA 98415-0464 bayou [at]

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Organise a Community Union: Beyond Resistance (NZ)


Zine produced in response to the Christchurch Earthquake of February 22, 2011. While focused on this event there are valuable ideas for any community organizer.

Ernesto A. Longa - Anarchist Periodicals in English Published in the United States (1833-1955): An Annotated Guide

annotated guide.jpg

In the 19th and 20th centuries, dozens of anarchist publications appeared throughout the United States despite limited financial resources, a pestering and censorial postal department, and persistent harassment, arrest, and imprisonment by the State. Such works energetically advocated a stateless society built upon individual liberty and voluntary cooperation.  read more »

For My Sisters - And The Burden We Share


For My Sisters is a zine written by mothers experiencing incarceration in Vermont. The first issue "And The Burden We Share" was created during a 6-session workshop hosted by Kids-A-Part. To write to the authors, request printed copies, or any other concerns/questions about the zine please email

Sexploration! An interactive, basic introduction to sex-positive education.


This zine was used as an outline for a workshop about creating sex-positive discussions concerning topics like sexual anatomy function, STIs, birth control, and protection.

Anarchy, Activism, and Insurrection: A Conversation with A Murder of Crows


A interview in Modesto Anarcho #4 with the editors of A Murder of Crows (Seattle) from 2007. Deals with critique of activism and anarcho-activism, and talks about what an approach to insurrectionary praxis looks like.

Now Serving Felonies - An illustrated zine from the confines of prison.

Now Serving Felonies

The story flows as a collection of images and words from both HERT (Ian Debeer) and MFONE (Daniel Montano). It speaks to where they are at right now, what conclusions and questions they drawn, and the beautiful works that touched our lives. The zine also draws the clear distinction between revolutionary objectives and the states role.

Wingnut Anarchist Collective Newsletter #1


The First Newsletter from the Wingnut Anarchist Collective in Richmond, Virginia. This newsletter covers everything from the origins of the collective through January 2011.  read more »

Total Liberation #2


A biannual zine of vegan anarchy. Spring 2011

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Proposals: A North Carolina Prisoner Newsletter


Proposals: A North Carolina Prisoner Newsletter

This is the first issue of a brand new publication devoted to exploring the connections between anarchists on the outside and prisoners on the inside; it's filled to the brim with prison-related news, reportbacks from prisoners, and discussions of strategy, tactics, and theory.  read more »

Melbourne Black #5


inside this edition:

Borders & Prisons: Commonalties, Social Mediation & The Prison Industrial Complex By The Abolition Collective

Action Against Changes to Sentencing Laws in Victoria

Trade Unions: In the National Interest By Ben Rosenzweig & Liz Thompson

Migrant Anarchists and the New Left By Conal Thwaite

Blogging Reflections By @ndy  read more »



Have you wanted to get into cross-country Bicycle Touring?
...but thought you didn't have The Money, Muscle, Gear, or Know-How?

You only need The Know-How, presented here for free in an accessible* and engaging zine!

The Space-Bag Camelbak
Hack Yr Bike Into a Touring Bike
Urban Camping
Kitty Litter Bucket Panniers  read more »

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