Anarchist Black Cross Federation Update #51


Fall/Winter 2008

Download: (8.67 mb)

How to Organize an Insurrection


CrimethInc.'s study of the Greek insurrection, made into zine format for distro.

Edible Forest Gardening


A sustainable and productive way to grow healthy food

by Dave Sansone

Don't Rape Each Other!


Consent is a community issue!

brought to you by the Olympia Street Medics Collective

Gay Shame Opposes Marriage in Any Form


Gay Shame Opposes Marriage in Any Form

Critique of the reformist/capitalist gay marriage movement, and the patriarchal nature of marriage in general.

Changes and Updates to the Site

Hey everyone, there are some recent changes and added features to the site.

We have over 900 zines available in our library. We also have archives of posters (11x 17"), flyers and books. All of these materials are free and ready to print.  read more »

Warriors ANTI-CIV Zine # 3


a new zine from the OFF THE MAP Collective; zine # 3 


How to Scan Zines and Make PDF Files

These instructions are for zines on 8.5 x 11” paper, printed on both sides in booklet form (with fold in middle). Look for computer recyclers, college campuses and public libraries for access to a scanner. Computer recyclers usually have tons of scanners that work fine.

What you will need

A zine you would like to share

A Scanner hooked up to a computer  read more »

A-kontra 4/5 2000


Informační bulletin Československého anarchistického sdružení č.94-95

Zprávy alternativních aktivit A-KONTRA 4-5 2000

Alibi vládnoucích spočívá ve zbabelosti ovládaných.

Co když se přestaneme bát?   read more »

Radical Video Library

(EN) Radical Video Library is a non-profit D.I.Y. project, that has put as its goal to spread the word in form of "the video". We will try to bring here various genres from different perspectives and subcultures. We try to focus especially on anarchy, protests, riots, ecology, animal liberation, peak oil, antifascist struggle, human rights and other liberation struggles - in the form of film, documentaries, music, presentations, pictures, zines,...for Download.
===================  read more »

Brushfire June 2008


By Florida's radical activist and anarchist communities all over the sunshine state

Notes From Everywhere

Anarchy Info-Boxes in Olympia

 Now located at 4th ave. and Franklin Streets in Downtown Olympia

"All materials are free. Feel free to take, borrow and leave print information. Enjoy."  read more »


Visit the Forums here

Hey folks, I created some forums here to see if people are interested in comunicating on this site. Hope yes! And please post your thougts and suggestions for this library and zines of course. Also for this forum - how can I make it better and what forums and categories are you missing here.


take care


Cracking the System


cracking the system - a zine inspired by the april2008 initiative

what links a bomb shelter in russia, a shop in the netherlands, a monumental building in germany, a house in geneva, a villa in greece?

the squatting movement, that's what! all over the world people squat to create residential and social space. in europe, despite increasing repression, autonomous centres still exist in many places and even more are being born.  read more »

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