Space Wars


Space Wars was released in October 2008 and includes discussions on graffiti, squatting in the woods and the city, liberating space and more.

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Not So Great Place #2


Issue #2 of The Not So Great Place, the unofficial, unauthorized, underground newspaper - The Not So Great Place

Issue #2 features...

* Fog of War
* Loss of a Son
* From the Editor’s Desk
* Letters
* Afghanistan War Resister Sentenced
* Meeting Meena
* Cartoons
* Leo’s Story
* Fort Hood War Resisters
* Resources

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325 #7


> a data network for direct action
> a media framework for social war
> the refusal of fixed territory

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Fire to the Prisons #7


"For Nothing, Against Everything"
Fire to the Prisons Issue #7
Fall 2009//An Insurrectionary Quarterly

This Issue features:

Table of Contents

A subtle introduction.

Towards a revolutionary vagueness.

Disempowerment and the modern radical.

WE DEMAND NOTHING Pg. 12  read more »

Solidarity With Hugh & Tiga


An informational zine about the case of two Indiana residents who have been arrested and charged with (among other things) felony racketeering in relation to anti-Interstate-69 activity over the past few years in Southern Indiana. They are each facing 12 years in prison and astronomical legal costs.  read more »

Communique from An Absent Future


From Comrades at UC Merced  read more »

Forget Shorter Showers by Derrick Jensen


This piece by Derrick Jensen originally appeared in the July/August 2009 issue of Orion Magazine, and immediately sparked a debate among readers about the nature and goals of the environmental movement—and about the “magical thinking” that leads to a reduced ability to meet those goals.  read more »

Santos -- The Barcelona of Brazil


anarchism and class struggle in a port city

Kate Sharpley Library 2005

Kansas City Squatters' Handbook


[rent is theft]

this zine is free.

January 2009

Pink and Black Attack #3


This is the third issue of Pink and Black Attack, an anti-assimilationist anarchist queer periodical from Olympia, WA.

Exposing 'Little Guantanamo:' Inside the CMU


by Daniel McGowan

Daniel's article, "Exposing 'Little Guantanamo:' Inside the CMU" is now handsomely laid out and available for download in screen-reading or printable booklet form! If you still haven't read it, this is a very important expose and analysis of the ominous and unconstitutional new prison facilities, the Communication Management Units. It contains new information, straight out of the CMU, and it will be a real asset in our efforts to counter the US government's war on dissent and free speech, in and outside of the prison system.

Societal Education, Direct Action, and Working-Class Gains: An Anarchist Perspective


Using an anarchist theoretical framework, it is argued that the working class would obtain greater gains through militant direct action modeled on the labor movement of the past. The history of the 8-hour workday is reviewed as a case study showing that it was won because of radical leaders who challenged existing legal institutional frameworks through societal education, militant ideology, direct action, and violent resistance against state attacks. Positive changes did not occur politically, peacefully, or voluntarily.  read more »

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Radical Mycology


From little black cart:

"Much in the tradition of Steampunk Magazine, at least to this reader, the writers of this pamphlet take a facet of a culture, one that can be fatal, and use it as a lens for a radical future.

Some people might call this fetishism, we call it commitment.

Here's what the publishers have to say about their publication.  read more »

New International News Site

This site features news from the international struggle. It will also become an archive of resistance. It has an open publishing newswire.

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