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The title can use the file's metadata. Depending on what's filled out, you maybe able to use any of the following variables: !filename !artist !title !album !track !genre !year
Audio File Info
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Click "Browse..." to select an audio file to upload. Only files with the following extensions are allowed: mp3 wav ogg.
NOTE: the current PHP configuration limits uploads to 128 MB.
If checked, a link will be displayed allowing visitors to download this audio file on to their own computer.
WARNING: even if you leave this unchecked, clever users will be able to find a way to download the file. This just makes them work a little harder to find the link.
Audio Images
Cover art or other images.
Click "Browse..." to select an image to add to this audio file. NOTE: Supported image types include GIF, JPG, and PNG. Suggested dimensions: 170 X 170 pixels.
iTunes feed information
iTunes specific information.
The contents of this tag are shown in the Description column in iTunes. The subtitle displays best if it is only a few words long.
The contents of this tag are shown in a separate window that appears when the "circled i" in the Description column is clicked. It also appears on the iTunes page for your podcast.
If select "yes", an "explicit" parental advisory graphic will appear next to your podcast artwork on the iTunes Music Store, and in the Name column in iTunes. If you select "clean", the parental advisory type is considered Clean, meaning that no explicit language or adult content is included anywhere in the episode, and a "clean" graphic will appear.
Check this to prevent this episode from appearing in the iTunes Podcast directory. For example, you may want a specific episode blocked from iTunes if its content might cause the feed to be removed from iTunes.