DIY - How to Make a Zine; Paper, Scissors, Pen - Rockin!

This is a DIY I did on how to make a one sheet Zine.

D-I-Y - a real American Hero!
Remember Kids, Folding is Half the Battle

you'll need:
One piece of paper
and a Pen

featuring the voice of

Information on getting your own copy of the Zine is coming. I promise. but leave a comment bugging me, so I do it.


I just found photo tutorial on the process as well at Flickr

Her layout actually puts the cover and back cover in the center. So just goes to show you how mailable this design is :D

PhotoShop Zine guides

MS Word Zine guide template coming soon


call me simple but i really think making zines should be easy, that's the whole deal w/self-publishing- it's for anybody. and if it's much more than that at the same time, yay! and sam, props for a great video- you make some points that're subtle and inspiring in it, and a good look at zine culture... i like to add thoh- what's between the pages there man! you still got about the most ecological and cool zine format from what i can see and i'll definitally try it, but where's the secret underpage stuff? i only want to pay 75 cents cuz i like comix but from what i can tell theres no backfold revolunitionary paranoid manifests, just blank space. but, uh, that was a good point too----