Pleasure Power Comix Issue #1 Promo Flyer

Cover art of Pleasure Power Comix Issue 1

Am uploading a promo flyer only of this zine due to difficulties...See this indymedia site for the full zine:

Hey, I wasn't successful in both downloading the files you gave to convert files into pdf, and in using what the system said i already had that was supposedly better! Argh!

So, I thought, if i uploaded what i have, maybe MAYBE one of you, with easy access, could convert the zine to pdf FOR ME??????

You do KNOW that many of us do not have the same privileges that you all have in having access to expensive software...and your link doesn't have any free software... I guess we're supposed to know all of this already, eh??

--zine maker

Note: if this doesn't work, i will send a link to an indymedia site that already has this zine on it, in hopes that one of you will convert it for me, realizing the value!

ad put in by hacker?

Someone maliciously added html to my post here..thus the ad put in...this is what has to be expected from we who are truly cutting the edge of art zines today. While the rest of you are duped into assuming we are worthy of shunning? We shall see...