Beyond Animal Liberation

This is a collection of writings that critique the animal liberation movement and the corresponding lifestyle choice, veganism. We have spent extensive time working within the animal liberation movement in North America and our critique is highly influenced by our personal experiences. Through study and discussion, we have developed a new understanding of domination, making this a critique not only of the animal liberation movement but also of our previous selves and the ways in which we attempted to deal with animal oppression.

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i've been putting off making

i've been putting off making my own critique of animal rights circles in zine form myself and this makes me feel like i should hurry it up. it barely qualifies as a zine, it is just an essay in pdf form. it does correctly critique many of these "thinkers" in the AR community, although imo it does not go far enough. these people considered at the forefront of the animal rights movement are, at least in a few notable cases, visibly psychotic attention whores that people shouldn't spend a whole lot of time theoretically analyzing.