2.4 km in 12 min

"A war is run.
We run, both in offense and defense.
When you can't run, it's time to die."
-Seven Samurai

Winter is waning and spring will be a scorcher. And it's not just global
warming. People all around the globe are fired-up and looking to create a
better future. Are you and your affinity group ready for the warm, sunny days

This spring and summer will be filled with all kinds of fun and games:
NATO/G8/RNC/DNC/OWS/ETC. A whole alphabet soup of sport is getting
served up. No doubt all the team players are busy with all kinds of
preparations, large and small. Still, a firm focus on the basics is always
beneficial. Attaining greater fitness will make you feel great and will keep you
healthy. Most importantly, it will allow you to be a top-notch athlete and far
less likely to spend time sitting out on the sidelines. During those crucial
moments on the field, a little extra burst of speed or a few moments of
endurance can make all the difference. How you train now may affect whether
you score for the team or end up sitting the rest of the game out.

The imposed version is for printing as a zine.
The PDF version is optimized for on-screen reading.

Reclaiming technology, tactics, and thoughts, from The Bunker.

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I liked the general

I liked the general sentiment, recommendations, and thoughts in this short thing when it was posted on (A) news. But I'm a little confused (as I am with many pamphlets on this site) as to why this needed to be imposed into a pamphlet. Is this just a knee-jerk reaction to want everything to be made into a zine or pamphlet? I didn't think that this article was really significant in any way. Not in a way that would lead me to even recommending someone else I know read it. The message is simply. Running and fitness is important and we're lacking in it. Good point, but could you really imagine anyone printing these out and handing them to people? There isn't even an in-depth discussion in it that could lead to a discussion with others about it as a text.

What I'd be interested in seeing is anarchists in every city they're concentrated in getting together and committing to workout together at least 3 times a week in the way of running, weight-training, calisthenics, and martial arts. That would be cool. I don't think printing out 5 copies of this little thing and handing them out is going to accomplish that.