For a World Without a Moral Order

Love: the consequence of indifference and generalised selfishness; taking refuge in a few people who, by chance or out of necessity, have been given a privileged role. Love is the impossible love of humanity which is fulfilled in a few individuals, for better or worse. Ecstasy: a voyage beyond the profane, the banal, and into the sacred; an escape which is immediately cut off and circumscribed by religion. Crime: the only way out when the norm can no longer be respected or circumvented.

For a World Without a Moral Order
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Thankyou! This is cool :)

I really liked this zine because they actually back up their claims instead of just rhrowing it all at you and saying it's correct because that's just the way it is. My distro is definantly distributing this one! Favorite teacher making me free copies!!! Woop woop!
-Creepy sweater Distro.