A No-State Solution: How Israeli Hegemonism Undermines Peace

Takes a look at Hamas' rise to power in the Gaza Strip and recent Hamas-Israeli violence in light of actions taken by the state of Israel; blames Israel's insistence on Hegemonism and Cold-Waresque tactics for recent violence; advocates a peace that can exist without the state.

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This document's historical facts are, as far as I can tell, accurate and dispassionate. I learned a lot from it.

On the other hand, the document's conclusions are not supported by the facts.

For example, "Israel was to blame for the violence of Hamas." It is clear that Israel contributed to the rise of Hamas, but it is logically invalid to conclude that Israel was to blame for the violence of Hamas. Hamas was to blame for the violence of Hamas.

Also, there is no justification presented for the idea that statism is responsible for the current situation. I can accept that cold war policy models were highly contributory, but not the idea os statism itself.