984 Miles Until Happiness

This Perzine is about graduating high school in San Dimas, CA (The land of Bill and Ted!), ex-girlfriends, going to a JFA show, work stories, the death of my cat, the Los Angeles fair, a road trip and finally a journal entry that was written as my Grandfather was dying in the other room. 


This was my first Zine... I'm working on many more right now. Stay tuned! Thanks for reading! Send me emails and snail mail telling me what you think. Let's trade Zines!

Contact: dustinvw1989@yahoo.com 

984 Miles Until Happiness
984 Miles Until Happiness.pdf2.69 MB

Pages Out of Order...

The pages are a little out of order but if printed everything will be fine. You just have to follow the page numbers on the bottom of the page and do a little rearranging around.