Capital Insurrection and Art

The beginnings of a response to recent texts of insurrectionary anarchism, and outline of a process-focused alternative.

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Hey Yadira, thanks for the feedback!

So, you don't believe in economic magicians? Magicians are charlatans, they do tricks. Do you not believe that there are economists doing tricks? That seems naive. More likely you assume that I mean "wizard" rather than magician. That seems like a rash assumption made by someone who didn't give the publication an honest chance.

This is reinforced by your tone of condescending superiority throughout. I don't mind, personally, but this does seem like a problematic form of discourse. When you don't understand someone, it's because they are incoherent. When they don't understand a text (or understand it differently or critique it) it is because they are a failure, unworthy of substantive response (or perhaps even honest reading).

Mind you, I don't expect much better from internet communication. Which is why I am touring with "theatre-of-the-lame" so I can actually speak with people, try to reach understandings and foster communication and community, rather than sitting in an isolated bubble and bitterly condemning everything reflected on its surface.

I was hesitant to release such a brief piece, and will try and do better in the future.

Thank you,