Capital Insurrection and Art

The beginnings of a response to recent texts of insurrectionary anarchism, and outline of a process-focused alternative.

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Prattle/trite/incoherent and

Prattle/trite/incoherent and other epithets (such as theatre-of-the-lame, petit-bourgeois, leftist-artism) can and should be mentioned at this horrible little publication. A failed critique of contemporary extremism (the footnotes contain what the author read and failed to address, and, frankly, to even understand), a superficial understanding of political economy (of capital, the value-form, of commodity relations; the author believes in "economic magicians" and open spaces of "non-capitalist exchange" and "non-capitalist value"), a piss-empty understanding of recuperation, and other, more incoherent, themes riddle this short text.

Dear Ben,
You're prattle is flatulence.
Yadira Lopez