I'll Bring the Gun: issue #1

Armed wimmyn in revolt.

Issue number one features an interpretation of Valerie Solanas' S.C.U.M. Manifesto as well as some tacky CRASS "art".

More to come...

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I feel you on the shit she

I feel you on the shit she says about gender. And you're right; this piece was merely highlighting the insurrectionary tendencies in her writing - not praising it in its entirety. However, the shit she says about men having pussy envy and the abolition of the Y chromosome are all deliberately sarcastic/ironic. These statements are meant to subvert the vast history of texts (such as Freud's) that posits male-socialized individuals as center/normal/standard, thus, correct/dominant/etc. It's inversion for the sake of inversion, and this does reinforce binary thought. I think a critical lens on her writings regarding (or excluding) trans people is just as valuable as the empowering/offensive (as in the opposite of defensive) position she boasts in SCUM.