building a zine collection

hello friends.
i need your help!

i am in the initial stages of developing a zine collection for a public library (system)in central ohio, but i am working with no budget, no possible donor collections to build upon, and a not-very-extensive network of zinesters at my immediate disposal.

how do i start collecting?

my plan is to amass (by soliciting donations and through my own funding) at least 500 zines before applying for grants for further *purchase.* i guess my question is, is this an appropriate strategy? if not, what is?

or, if it is, how do i proceed and make contact with possible donors or zinesters?

imput please!

find a computer recycler in your area

and get a free or cheap laser printer with a duplexer (so it can print on both sides). and then come back to this site and print until your heart is content.

You will need to refill you printer cartridge at some point. Look up your printer on a toner refill site. Get the hole puncher kit they offer if this is your first time. Follow directions to refill the toner.