Liberating Ourselves in the Boudoir, An Anarchist-Feminist Perspective Against BDSM

This zine explores the behaviors and mindsets of BDSM, and attempts to show why BDSM is oppressive and patriarchal. One of the two files is laid out for printing, the other for reading on the computers.

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I thought we were past this...

This reminds me of the logic that came from the second wave of feminism against queers, trannies, and sexuality.

BDSM is a way to challenge power by turning it into merely a game one plays in and outside the bedroom as opposed to the power one faces within the institutions of our current society. By playing with power as if a board game we put away at the end of the day we effectively undermine the strength that power has over us in society. We turn the cop that beats us up into foreplay for the sex we will have when we get away. Which each strike the pain is channeled into pleasure taking away the power of pain one would hold over us.

"What all these people are doing is not aggressive; they are inventing new possibilities of pleasure with strange parts of their body — through the eroticization of the body. I think it's ... a creative enterprise, which has as one of its main features what I call the desexualization of pleasure."

--Michel Foucault