Liberating Ourselves in the Boudoir, An Anarchist-Feminist Perspective Against BDSM

This zine explores the behaviors and mindsets of BDSM, and attempts to show why BDSM is oppressive and patriarchal. One of the two files is laid out for printing, the other for reading on the computers.

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i would really like to see a

i would really like to see a critique of bdsm that actually critiques bdsm and not an extremely limited and skewed perception of it. reading this is like reading a critique of anarchism that begins "anarchy is chaos and disorder," and then continues for 8 pages. this doesn't address femdom, nonsexual bdsm, or the myriad ways in which individuals tailor bdsm to their specific needs and desires.

and you are not oppressed for not being into bdsm, that's some of the stupid shit i've ever read. there isn't much feminist or anarchist about the critique, it's extremely moralistic and the author actually tries to tell us what proper sex is supposed to be. give me a break.