how to public transit: vancouver bc to portland or

tiny color one page (front and back) zine on taking public buses to travel up/down western washington connecting vancouver bc & portland or * includes times maps directions prices alternative routes ~ enjoy

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updates~ as of feb 2010

hello! been some changes since dec 2008~ intercity raised price to $1 per ride, $2 day pass. sound transit doesn't do transfers anymore so unless you have an orca card, the 512/510, 590s, and the 612a (i think that's the number, but it's the tac-oly bus) are EACH $2.50, totaling to $7.50 to get between everett and olympia. and wta (the bellingham connectors) has raised general fare to $1 and raised the 80x (bham-mt vernon) to $2 without offering transfers. the cap buses are still a dollar each, and they increased service so there are 2 times during the day that you can make the oly-vancouver leap during weekdays (still one over saturday too). ctran is considering raising prices again, so keep a look out. as of feb 2010 the express to pdx is $3.

happy travels folks <3