ABC's of "Fuck Myspace", The

The ABC's of "Fuck Myspace"

Essay about DIY Punk culture and reliance on capitalist technology. This was once a zine, but we couldn't find hard copies or pdf files, so we reformatted it for yall to enjoy.

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Vouch for the previous

I agree and vouch for this method, not only for myspace but for corporate internet sites in general. Adblock Plus is user-driven and developed as well as maintained -- see a site with ads even with adblock plus running? You can add the offending areas to the database which are sync'd to the plugin and updated constantly.

Firefox started as kind of clunky, but now (at least for Windows, Linux, and OSX platforms) it is every bit as good as any commercial product. Stable and quicker than the packaged browsers that come with the aforementioned.