ABC's of "Fuck Myspace", The

The ABC's of "Fuck Myspace"

Essay about DIY Punk culture and reliance on capitalist technology. This was once a zine, but we couldn't find hard copies or pdf files, so we reformatted it for yall to enjoy.

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You can use Firefox, a free

You can use Firefox, a free and open source web browser, and the plug-in Adblock Plus to disarm MySpace by not allowing the browser to download or view ads. This is good for a couple of reasons:
* No more ad money for NEWS CORPORATION/FOX/Rupert Murderdouche
* Your Internet speeds will increase and page loads will be faster because you no longer download the ad.
* Your browser and computer will be faster because the browser doesn't have to display the ad or run the flash animations that slow down the whole computer.

It's SO EASY to do!

Adblock Plus: