Call for articles - days of international solidarity actions for autonomous spaces.

11-12th april 2008.


We are gathering articles written by individuals / collectives of autonomous
projects. The articles will be uploaded and translated on the homepage of the april2008 project. There people can select, download and compile them into D.I.Y. newspapers.

Some practicalities...

Send the articles in plain text format (preferably not pdf format). Send your
articles to this e-mail: [or to me and then i can upload them...]

The deadline is mid february. So that people can spread the zines during the action days. (Of course you can continue to send in texts after the deadline)

You can write in your mother tongue and in other preferable languages. Translations will and can be made on the wiki of the homepage. We would like people to help translating to have as many translations of each article as possible.

If you send photos: high quality jpeg (high resolution). Please, not so many at a time.

We hope to see a DIVERSITY OF ARTICLES. One aim is to include other places than the one´s who usually always gets the attention. We would like it if you try to be critical to your own squats. Some questions which we hope will interest you as much as they interest us:

How do you feel that things have changed lately, how are times changing and
effecting your project? How is it connected to social movements? History of squatting in your region? Everything from housing, local community, national politics, to the EU. Everything from houses, wagenburgs, to land squatting.. How are personal structures, and feelings building up and revolutionizing yourself...

If you want to MAKE A FANZINE. Download the articles you like, make whatever style you like and when you´ve finished your april2008 newspaper, you can (scan and) e-mail it back to us, so that we can upload it for others to see, to print and to spread.

!! If you want to publicly announce your planned actions for april2008, send it to us, ´cause we will put together an agenda to be spread around over internet and to download as printable pdf. Write "AGENDA" in the subject box. !!