Nihilism Now! Monsters of Energy (Edited by Keith Ansell-Pearson and Diane Morgan)

This volume aims to inspire a return to the energetics of Nietzsche's prose and the critical intensity of his approach to nihilism. For too long contemporary thought has been dominated by a depressed "what is to be done?" All is regarded to be in vain, nothing is deemed real, there is nothing new seen under the sun. Such a "postmodern" lament is easily confounded with an apathetic reluctance to think engagedly. Hence the contributors here draw on a variety of issues—the future of life, the nature of life-forms, the techno-sciences, the body, religions—as a way of tackling the question of nihilism's pertinence to us now.
Introduction: the Return of Monstrous Nihilism by Keith Ansell Pearson and Diane Morgan
1. The Shattering of the Crystal Spheres: ‘rolling from the centre toward X’ by Eliot Albert
2. Nihilism, Tonight . . . by Justin Clemens and Chris Feik
3. Nietzsche, Nihilism and Spirit by Richard Beardsworth
4. The Monstrous Rebirth of Nihilism by Joanna Hodge
5. Nihilism and Life: Cosmobiology and Ontopoiesis in Heidegger's Nietzsche by Suhail Malik
6. Revisiting the Will to Power: Active Nihilism and the Project of Transhuman Philosophy by Daniel Conway
7. ‘Provoked Life’: Expressing Nihilism by Diane Morgan
8. A Problem of Pure Matter: Fascist Nihilism in A Thousand Plateaus by John Protevi
9. The Survival of Nihilism by Howard Caygill
10. Skin-Nihilism Now: Flaying the Face and Refiguring the Skin by David Boothroyd
11. Artaud and the Importance of Being Rude by Catherine Dale
12. ‘Epidemics of Enough’: Beckettian Sufficiencies by Daniel Katz

Nihilism Now! Monsters of Energy
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