Nick Land - The Thirst for Annihilation: George Bataille and Virulent Nihilism

This is an extraordinary book: genre-busting, ferociusly argumentative, laden with polemics and written in a style that occasionally reaches a pitch of aphoristic beauty comparable with Cioran or Nietzsche.
1. ‘The death of sound philosophy’
2. The curse of the sun
3. Transgression
4. Easter
5. Dead God
6. The rage of jealous time
7. Fanged noumenon (passion of the cyclone)
8. Fluent bodies (a digression on Miller)
9. Aborting the human race
10. The labyrinth
11. Inconclusive communication
From the preface:
As though to give yourself a certain ‘positive’ assurance, which harbored as well a
suspicion of superiority, you have often reproached me for what you call my ‘appetite for
destruction’ [TE 113].
The reasons for writing a book can be led back to the desire to modify the relations
which exist between a human being and its kind. Those relations are judged unacceptable
and are perceived as an atrocious wretchedness.
However, to the extent that I have written this book I have been conscious that it is
impotent to regulate the account of that wretchedness. Up to a certain limit, the desire for
perfectly clear human exchanges which escape general conventions becomes a desire for
annihilation [II 143].

The Thirst for Annihilation - George Bataille and Virulent Nihilism
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