NAZIS and POLICE in Portland, Oregon, January 2010 edition

"NAZIS and POLICE in Portland, Oregon" is a short article about the overlapping racism of the Portland police department and nazi organizations. Portland has a long history of racist cops and a long history of nazi scumbags.

Recently, Portland police's Mark Kruger was promoted to the rank of captain, in spite of his publicly known interest in nazism and his repeated violent offenses against non-violent protesters.

This zine takes a look at the racist climate in Portland of his formative teenage years, the role that the police department had in engaging in and encouraging racist attacks against minority groups, organized nazism. Then it looks at Portland now, the violence perpetrated against minorities by the police department, and the continuing presence of nazi groups.

This is the third edition published on zinelibrary, with much more content, some embarrassing errors fixed up, and better graphics.

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